2015 – Chicago Leadership Exchange (Australia, Canada, UK, and US)
2014 London Leadership Exchange (Australia, Canada, UK, and US)
London 2014_Group_cropped_900x450
2013 Sydney Leadership Exchange (Australia, Canada, UK, and US)
2012 Vancouver Leadership Exchange (Australia, Canada, UK, and US)
– Launch of Housing Partnership Canada
– US, Canada, and UK members attend PowerHousing Australia meeting in Sydney
2011 Washington, DC Leadership Exchange at Canadian and Australian Embassies
– Old Glory Group Rebranded as Housing Partnership UK (HPUK)
2010 – Australians join IHP
Berlin Leadership Exchange at British Embassy
2009 – Canadians join IHP
Toronto Leadership Exchange (Australians as guests)
IHP Steering Committee Formed
2008 – Boston Leadership Exchange (Canada’s Housing Services Corporation and HPN)
– London Leadership Exchange (Old Glory Group and HPN; Australians as guests)
2007 – UK Formalizes the Old Glory Group as IHP Member
– Newly-formed PowerHousing Australia attends HPN meeting in Annapolis
– First IHP Leadership Exchange in Washington, DC (UK and HPN; Dutch as guests)
2006 – UK study visits to HPN members in Washington, DC and Philadelphia
2005 – HPN Executive Meeting with REX Group in Stockholm
2003 Housing Partnership Network board visit to England and the Netherlands