International Housing Partnership (IHP) is governed by a steering committee made up of two representatives from each of the four countries, with the chair rotating each year. IHP operations are supported by staff from each of the sponsoring national associations – PowerHousing Australia, Housing Partnership Canada, Housing Partnership United Kingdom, and Housing Partnership Network in the U.S. IHP’s day-to-day affairs are managed by the Housing Partnership Network, which operates the IHP Secretariat.

Steering Committee Members

  • Scott Langford, SGCH Group (Australia), Chair
  • Neil Hadden, Genesis (UK), Vice Chair
  • Geraldine Howley, Incommunities (UK)
  • Rick Farrell, Housing York (Canada)
  • Nicola Lemon, Hume Housing (Australia)
  • Linda Mandolini, Eden Housing (US)
  • Shayne Ramsay, BC Housing (Canada)
  • Larry Swanson, ACTION-Housing (US)

IHP Coordinators

  • Tony Cotter, Housing Partnership (UK)
  • Judy Lightbound, Housing Services Corporation (Canada)
  • Manuel Muelle, Housing Partnership Network (US), Managing Director of IHP Secretariat
  • Nicholas Proud, PowerHousing Australia (Australia)
  • Chuck Wehrwein, Housing Partnership Network (US)