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Affordable Housing as a Global Asset Class

Published in September 2019 by the IHP Global Asset Class Working Group in partnership with PowerHousing Australia, SGCH, Paxon Group, Morgan Stanley, and the Housing Partnership Network.

Click here to access a copy of Creation of a Global Asset Class for Affordable Housing

U.S. Policy Paper: Lessons of the International Housing Partnership

Lessons of the IHP Cover Image

Grounded in HPN’s extensive experience as part of the International Housing Partnership, the Lessons of the International Housing Partnership brief compares the affordable housing system in the United Kingdom to that in the United States and draws from the comparison five public policy recommendations for policy makers in the United States.

Click here to download a copy of Lessons of the International Housing Partnership.

uk_flag_sm The Big Conversation for new housing professionals

“The Big Conversation” was an event in Manchester, UK designed especially for people who are new to housing. CIH President and Incommunities chief executive Geraldine Howley shared her thoughts and reflections on the event on her blog.

Click here to read Geraldine Howley’s reflections on The Big Conversation.

can_flag_sm Canada’s First Recycled Shipping Container Social Housing Development

Atira Women’s Resource Society – Vancouver, BC

can_flag_sm Project to house women who are older and fleeing abuse

Atira Women’s Resource Society – Vancouver, BC

uk_flag_sm British-American Best Practices in Peer Exchange

Chuck Wehrwein & David Orr